STATINA – Closer To The Future

The future is here! Technology. Where is it heading? Now, a team from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have developed STATINA (Speech Touch and Acoustic Tangible Interfaces for Next-Generation Applications). In English, that just means you can turn any surface into a touchscreen! STATINA uses low-cost sensors, web cameras and a specifically designed algorithm to make any surface sensitive to tuchm een multi-touch. The sensors are then hooked up to a flat screen TV to display interactions.


As expected, STATINA performed well on glass, but that’s just the beginning of it. It even worked great on Aluminium and wood. It  doesn’t mind what input is used, it can be your finger, a stylus, a pencil or anything you can get your hands on! There is a huge focus on making it as low cost as possible so that it becomes accessible to a wider audience.

With its high precision, the touch is said to be just as accurate as todays capacitive touch screens (up to 1mm). More importantly, it costs just a tenth of the latter. The team is currently working on making it into a more compact rig to suit potential clients and users. At the fast pace they’re going, STATINA can well the markets in the next 2 to 4 years.

Some of its commercial applications include electronic whiteboards and interactive digital signage. A revolution for the advertising industry. It can be used for meetings, presentations, creative projects and even in classrooms. This may as well give our education system the makeover that has been due for quite a while now. In homes, STATINA can be incorporated into furniture to make the already lazy person, reach the next level!


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