Gadgets That Almost Made It!

Technology is a wonderful thing. We have come so far in this age, looking back, it’s just amazing to see the progress that we have made. But, there are times when man overdoes things. Sometimes things get out of hand with the most ridiculous inventions ever. Here are six “giant” leaps in technology that not everyone would be proud of.

1. The Flying Alarm Clock – Rs. 999/-

Flying Alarm Clock

Are you one of those people that just switch off the alarm clock and turn the other way round only to continue sleeping? Then this product is for you. This gadget will definitely get you out of bed because you will have to catch this irritating mosquito before you can turn it off! Good luck with the purchase!

2. Electric Paper Plane Launcher – Rs. 625/-

Electric Paper Plane Launcher

If you’re just the best in folding paper airplanes, you absolutely have to get this one right? All you have to do is place the paper airplane between the two rotating discs and your plane will be launched at incredible speeds of up to 50kph! Now, you can call yourself the king!

3. iPotty – $39.99/-


Toilet training a toddler is no picnic, but the iPotty from CTA Digital (unveiled at CES ’13) seeks to make it a little easier by letting parents attach an iPad to it. This way, junior can gape and paw at the iPad while taking care of business in the old-fashioned part of the plastic potty. It’s not available for sale in India (yet). But for parents who are at their wits end, it’s still available online at

4. Nexus Q – No longer available for sale


Google has had mixed results with hardware, but the Nexus Q was a sheer disaster. You could create and share a queue of tracks and/or YouTube clips and stream them from your phone or tablet. Inexplicably though, the Nexus Q couldn’t access anything but Google’s content. Despite it’s chic design, nobody wanted a $299 orb. There are rumours that a Nexus Q2 is on it’s way. Wonder what that’s gonna be like!

5. As-Seen-On-TV-Hat – $29.95/-


Honestly, I have no words to describe this product. The company claims it’s the “Next Revolution in Video Viewing”. I’ll just let you watch and laugh for yourself. The only good thing about this product is you can’t see all the people around you, pointing and laughing!

6. Rubik’s Cube mp3 Player – $29.99/-


The only way to activate the mp3 player is by solving it one layer at a time. Each layer has a specific function such as play, pause, forward or back. And, yes, the only way to turn this thing off is by completing it. It’s neat and all, being controlled by twists and turns, but who wants to carry a large Rubik’s cube around in their pocket? Sadly for them, no one.


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