Raspberry Pi

You thought the hottest computer on the market was a Rs. 1.5 lakh gaming monster? Well done, you’re wrong. It’s actually a bare bones circuit board the size of a credit card, and it costs less than Rs. 2,000! Confused? Meet the Raspberry Pi.

Too good to be true! But is it for you? Well, that depends…

The Raspberry Pi Charitable Foundation is working to get RasPi’s to kids all over the world in hope to create a new generation of programmers. RasPi’s use Linux kernel based operating systems like Debian, Fedora and Arch Linux ARM. The current  recommended is Raspbian, built especially for Raspberry Pi hardware.


So? What do I do with it?

At a basic level, you can use your RasPi as a media computer or a capable second PC. RasPi’s have 256MB and 512MB RAM models (named as A and B), both having an HDMI connection, an audio jack and an RCA video jack. You can even add a USB hub to connect a keyboard, mouse and USB Wi-Fi. Model B has an Ethernet port as well.

The RasPi’s 32-bit 700 MHz ARM processor is roughly equivalent to the performance of a Pentium 2 chip with graphics capabilities equivalent to that on an XBOX 1. It runs on a 5V micro USB power supply. The Pi has a standard SD card for booting and long-term storage, And, of course, you can hook up an external hard drive to expand its storage capabilities.

Python is the programming language of the Raspberry Pi. It’s easy to learn, yet very powerful. With Python, you can take your Pi’s functionality to the next level.



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