Leap Motion


Leap Motion, as the company claims is “a tiny device with a huge idea”. This could well be the next generation of human-computer interaction. It’s essentially a motion sensing device which is meant as the replacement for the current generation mouse. What Leap Motion intends to do is to do things on your computer just as you would do them in real life. It replaces all the clicks, taps, drags and drops with simple natural hand movements.

Using the Leap Motion Controller, you can use all that space between you and your computer, while it follows each and every move of your hands and fingers. There’s no need to touch anything! It is connected to the computer via a USB cable and it is quite easily setup by downloading the software for it online. Leap Motion is mostly a software innovation, rather than a hardware innovation. It’s just three inches long, an inch wide and less than half an inch thick (79 x 30 x 11mm) with a glossy black top. Underneath the black glass top are just infrared LED’s and two cameras to track your hands motion.


The company claims it’s accurate up to hundredth of a millimeter. You can use the built in Diagnostic Visualizer to see a sort of skeletal hand movements of what Leap Motion is tracking. This could well be the start of next generation gaming experiences as well. There are already a number of games and apps available on the Airspace Store, the official store house of Leap Motion apps. Browsing through Airspace I found that DexType is one of the must have apps for Leap Motion – it’s a keyboardless way to type.


One of the only drawbacks I see in Leap Motion is that for people who have to work hours on in front of the computer, long periods of such hand gestures can well be a tiresome experience. 


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