This is for all you Robotics fanatics from all over the world. IIT Bombay is hosting e-Yantra Robotics Competition. In order for you to register, you will need a team of four members.  The competition is open for registration to full time engineering students who are undergraduates or equivalent, studying in universities, colleges, studying for an engineering degree from any discipline. The most eye catching thing about e-Yantra is that unlike most other robotic competitions, you don’t have to build a robot of your own, and best of all it’s free to participate. All teams will be provided with the same robotic kit and students are required to program their robot to achieve the required task. C will be used as the programming language.


Each team is required to register online before participating. The page will guide you through the registration process. Initially there will be an online contest, finalists there on will be elligible to compete at the finals at IIT Bombay sometime in March 2014. This initiative was started by IIT Bombay to promote Embedded Systems and Robotics in engineering education.


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