In50hrs is a golden opportunity that no student must miss. It is an Idea-To-Prototype event platform where developers, designers, and people from various fields of life participate, to pitch ideas, form teams, and build functional prototypes to solve real world problems. In50hrs has been happening in and around India for the past three years, what they do is literally, bring your ideas to life. All this happens over a weekend, in 50 hours to be exact.

You have exactly 3 minutes to pitch your ideas to all those present there, introduce yourself, tell them your problem, propose a solution and tell them what you are looking for. And, in 50 hours your idea could become a reality. They follow that there are 3 stages to build a startup, you can see that model at the Startup Centre. So far, of the 400+ participants, 280 prototypes have been made and already 28 startups have emerged with more than 185 new products.

For those interested to pitch in, you can check out the upcoming In50hrs events and block your dates, ’cause this, you don’t want to miss. I’ll be there at In50hrs at Trivandrum. I’m not missing this for anything. Be sure to see the check list before attending the event. Be ready.

You can help, share this with your friends, spread this beautiful piece of information, make a better community for us to live in.



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