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When you were a kid, have you ever imagined pressing on random things and wanting it to interact with you or your computer? Well, this neat little invention from MIT Media Lab will let that simple childhood dream of yours to come true. MaKey MaKey, created by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, is a simple invention kit that allows users to turn everyday objects into touchpads, using the ‘MaKey MaKey,’ alligator clips, and a USB cable. MaKey MaKey is built on top of the Arduino.


Amazing right? But the idea is pretty simple. Say you connected your alligator clips to a set of letters made of Play-doh. When you touch the letters, you make a connection, and MaKey MaKey sends the computer a keyboard message. The computer just thinks  it’s a regular keyboard (or mouse). Therefore it works with all programs and webpages, because all programs and webpages take keyboard and mouse input.

Make + Key = MaKey MaKey!

Yes, now surely the question in your mind is, with what all can you use MaKey MaKey with? The answer is anything that can conduct even a tiny little bit of electricity. Some of those used were ketchup, apples, bananas, lemons, pencil graphite and what not. Try it on different stuff and share your brilliant ideas with the community.


MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. It helps you work on an Arduino based board without understanding even a wee bit of programming. It’s a pretty amazing concept. You can even contest with others for a $5000 prize and a public showcase of your MaKey MaKey project. Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers… Or quite simply, it is for everyone.



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