What next after Graphene? Stanene!

Topical Insulator

It was fairly recently that scientists called Graphene as the new wonder material, not soon after, it’s time to give way for the new kid on the block – Stanene. According to a team of physicists led by the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University. a single layer of tin atoms could be the world’s first material to conduct electricity with 100% efficiency at the temperatures up to 100 degrees. It’s true, but the sad part is that, it still works only in theory.

Stanene Lattice

Stanene Lattice

Stanene is a wonder material that is known as a ‘topological insulator’, which simply means its interior is an insulator yet conducts electrons along its surface. By making the material only a single atom thick, the stanene is essentially just a surface, allowing it to conduct electricity with 100% efficiency. The most advantageous factor is that temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius is the operating temperatures of all computer chips. Stanene could well be the Silicon replacement we were looking for. But I should remind you, this still works only in theory, the final product is yet to be fabricated.

Next Generation

Shoucheng Zhang, a physics professor at Stanford and the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, said, “Eventually, we can imagine stanene being used for many more circuit structures, including replacing silicon in the hearts of transistors. It could increase the speed and lower the power needs of future generations of computer chips, if our prediction is confirmed by experiments that are underway in several laboratories around the world.”


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