What did you learn from your B.Tech life?

My @Quora answer to What did you learn from your B.Tech life?

Answer by Abhilash Anandan:

  • You will spend for years of your time there. No matter what you think of college, love it or hate it. Just don't complain and start bitching about how much your college sucks! Thank you Geet Rose Jose for telling me this. We will just be wasting our time.
  • Placements should not be the objective of your life in college. Your objective in college should be to build a good network and to learn to network. A good network will help you get through life, not a GPA or a placement. Never stick to a network within your college.
  • A GPA of 7 is good enough to have a smooth life ahead of you. Always remember this is not a  deciding factor in lots of good places. 7 is a safe place to be, unless  you have already set your sights for places that require much higher.
  • If you have no skills; build them. I had none when I joined college.  Now I am skilled in Web Development  (HTML5/CSS3, PHP, JS), Software  Development (C/C++/QML), Image Processing (OpenCV), Presentations  (Impress, Powerpoint, Prezi, Moovly) and now I am learning Business  Development as a trainee at Techversant Infotech. I prefer being a jack  of all trades so I understand markets and requirements better rather  than a master of one. If you have no skills and no GPA, you need to have  good palm lines.
  • If relatives ask, "Did you get placed?", say YES!  Even if you haven't. But follow up with, but you'll probably not go as I  prefer to work at start ups or go for higher education!
  • B. Tech in a college away from home is a good idea as it makes you more independent. But, it completely depends on you and your family. Family first.
  • I learnt to send professional E mails, make good letters and most importantly, how to negotiate with stubborn people (faculty and management) who make no sense at times!
  • If  I had high speed Internet Connection at home for 4 years, I could have  (but probably wouldn't have) achieved far more than I have learned and  achieved in college. I would've saved lots on money as well. But, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!
  • You must get at least four arrears in college. You will learn how to handle pressure. This comes from a person who is proud of the fact that in my final year I wrote  and passed 16 theory papers + 2 labs + Final year project (awarded most  socially relevant project) + Another Govt. funded project + Seminar  (3rd highest score in my Department) + Prizes at various national level  innovation competitions held at Kolkata and Kerala. I was also part of a  start up, but not so much during final year. And I was the first person to start working after college (interview next day and joined the next)
  • I learnt if you have the will, you can achieve whatever you want in life.
  • You need to have a good social profile (Facebook, LinkedIn) that will impress companies you intend to work for. Be careful of what you post.
  • You DO NOT need to study very hard to pass B. Tech. You need to study hard to get a good GPA. 7 is not very hard to get.
  • DO NOT give in to peer pressure. You need to have a voice of your own.
  • Always lead from the front and take part in all college activities and functions (even if you hate college). If you hate college, make most use of college. Learn as much as you can. These events will give you much needed skills and can help you build a good network.
  • The Real World Does Not Suck. Have a good network and you will be respected all through life.
  • Ask and learn from the life experiences of the faculty. You will be amazed at the insight they can share.
  • You will get to know the different forms of love. Boy/Girlfriend. Ex-Boy/Girlfiend. Family. Teachers.
  • If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. 2nd year in college is high time you decide what you want to do with your life! Class X – XII was the right time. But, since you started B. Tech, the time is now!
  • Always keep in mind that everything that happens is for our own good. This way, you can stay positive all the time. Remove negativity from your life.
  • Always have a backup of everything!

Good luck!

Please do let me know your comments. If you agree or disagree. Or if you want me to include anything more.

I thank all my friends (especially the ones who have hurt me) for making me what I am now.

What did you learn from your B.Tech life?


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