Here I Am

Hey! I’m Abhilash Anandan and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I’m a 3rd year Electronics & Communication Engineering student with the least interest in it. I know I’m not alone but I’m also one in a million that would love to make a difference in this world. There are a few reasons that I decided to start a Tech-Ed-Dream (pronounced ‘Take A Dream’) of my own:

  • To regain my life back. In my life, I do what I love to do.
  • A hobby & to network
  • For inspiration to others in my position
  • To keep students updated (me too!) with the latest in technology
  • Share experiences about life
  • Highlight flaws in the Education system here
  • Keep students updated with opportunities

I hope you enjoy the updates and content that I post as much as I enjoy making them. I would love to hear from you. Please post your feedback and stuff you’d like to see in the Feedback Section.


Open Your Mind!

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