Bionic Hands – A Different Feeling

Bionic Hands

I think this is going to be one of those breakthroughs in technology that can touch the hearts of millions, bringing tears of happiness to ones eyes. The world’s first bionic hand with the sense of touch is here. A team of researchers from Case Western University have made new prosthetic bionic hand, designed to be capable of using measurements from 20 sensor points to control ones grip. Amazingly, the sensor data is linked directly to the sensory nerves in the patient’s forearm. The control for the grip is then extracted myoelectrically and returned to the muscles in the forearm. “Our dream is to have Luke Skywalker getting back his hand with normal function,” researcher Silvestro Micera told TechNewsDaily, referencing the hero in “Star Wars” who gets an artificial hand after his real one is cut off.

The Amputee

This is the first time that such a variant of the bionic hand will be implanted into an amputee with high hopes that he will regain his sense of touch. The patient is scheduled to wear the bionic hand for some time over a month to see how his body adapts to the new presence. The results of this test is awaited. Everyone is still in high hopes as it is impossible to predict how the body will cope with such a permanent foreign attachment to it. Doctors & researchers say that if all goes well, fully working models would be available clinically in the next two years.

An answered prayer. A dream come true for many.

It can even have next generation applications.